How To Minimise Delivery Dilemmas

minimise delivery

Want to make sure your parcels and consignments reach their destination as expected? Here are some tips from an Australian freight broker. 

The distance most goods travel to reach their final destination can be surprising but often it is those last few kilometres or even metres of a journey when things go wrong. 

The delivery process has been refined and improved so much over recent years but there are still steps required to help minimise loss and confusion. The following are some of the recommendations we often make as a transport management company that handles a range of different deliveries across Australia: 

Work with a freight broker 

Your freight broker will take the stress out of the parcel delivery process by actively following up on consignments on your behalf. If something is in the network for more than a couple of weeks, there is a higher chance it will go missing or end up in an unidentified area. It’s hard to keep track when you’re busy with other things, which is something we proactively help with. 

Your freight broker also works in conjunction with the most reliable carriers who have the best rates and reputations. We understand their experience, know who to recommend and can remind you of the best ways to support them as a client. 

Make sure barcodes are clear and easy to access

It’s the little things! 

Labels on packages need clear barcodes attached so they can clear sortation systems without any issues. 

It also makes sense to include a contact name and number on the label so your delivery driver or the freight provider’s customer service desk can get hold of the right people when they have questions.

Include accurate address details

This may require some changes to your checkout process if customers buy online; you need to ensure that when people place an online order, they can be specific down to the building level and unit number and find a way to minimise incorrect addresses. There are many auto-fill functions that now prevent people from entering an address that doesn’t exist. 

Another tip is to allow room for the customer to leave some notes for the delivery driver in relation to the location e.g., ‘Roller door on left-hand side of building’ or ‘Deliveries are received via the front office’. 

We have seen so many deliveries go astray because the address only mentions, for example, a shopping centre address or an industrial estate address that fails to specify the unit. If you’re sending larger deliveries, make sure the driver has the exact details they need.

Think about your driver and make their life easy 

Speaking of drivers, one driver may have 80 deliveries to do in a day, which doesn’t leave a great deal of room for problem-solving. If they do the wrong thing, it is often because they are pressed for time. 

One way to help your driver includes attaching fluorescent, easy to see labels clarifying ‘Authority to Leave’ or ‘Signature Required’ on the box. This way, they will know whether or not they have to wait for a signature for the delivery.

You can also use a freight company with systems that allow drivers to take a photo of exactly where they have left the parcel and upload it to their software system. This gives proof they have done their job and makes it easier for customer service to help track down missing packages.

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