Why Your Business Needs a Tailored Freight Solution

Freight and deliveries may seem like a simple matter of pick up and drop off, but requirements vary dramatically between businesses and types of products.

For this reason, we recommend a tailored freight solution, almost regardless of the size of your business and the industry you’re in.

Find out more about the benefits of a tailor-made freight strategy and service:


What is a tailored freight solution?

A tailored freight solution takes your business’s unique needs and challenges and creates a customised approach to your transport and supply chain processes.

Rather than a basic ‘one size fits all’ model, a tailored solution uses data-driven insights to optimise routes, streamline processes and enhance the overall efficiency of this side of your business.

When you work with an expert freight consultant, they will put together a tailored freight solution based on all the available options as well as your budget and goals.


The benefits of a tailored freight solution

Here’s how having your freight needs specifically tailored to you can help your business:


  • More efficient route planning

One of the primary advantages of a tailored freight solution comes from better route planning. Australia’s massive size and limited transit routes pose unique challenges for transportation, with huge distances between cities and regional hubs. Customised freight solutions leverage technology and data analytics to optimise the routes your goods travel on, ensuring they reach their destinations swiftly and cost-effectively.


  • Reduced costs

When it comes to freight and logistics, one of the major pain points for most businesses is cost-effectiveness. Using tailored freight solutions will help your business significantly reduce overall freight costs by optimising routes, consolidating shipments and employing efficient transportation modes.

For example, you may have goods that can travel by rail instead of road or air, and you may be able to negotiate a standing order with a provider that means you pay less.


  • Improved flexibility

Staying flexible is key to keeping ahead in an ever-changing market, and flexibility is a big part of tailored freight solutions. Tailoring a freight solution but revisiting it regularly will help you adapt to fluctuations, seasonal variations and any unforeseen challenges that will inevitably come up.


  • The right network of providers

A tailored freight solution will connect you with the providers you need for interstate, last minute, air and bulky goods freight, depending on your needs. With these relationships in place, you won’t find yourself scrambling for contacts at the last minute.


  • Set yourself up for growth

When you work with a freight consultant to tailor your freight, talk to them about your projections for the future.  This way, you can lay the foundations for expansion by connecting with providers that can take on more jobs as your business grows.


  • Happier customers

A satisfied customer is a repeat customer. If your delivery services are on point, they’ll be more likely to stay loyal. Set up a tailored freight solution that keeps your customers’ needs in mind and your business reputation will grow.


Choose EFS for tailored freight solutions

It’s hard to tailor a freight solution when you don’t have insider knowledge of the industry. Hand the job to a team of specialists who can save you a great deal of time and money. At Effective Freight Solutions, we can tailor your freight arrangements so they meet your current and future needs.


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