Rail Freight Australia

Rail freight delivery to major cities as well as regional and remote locations

When you need to move larger volumes of freight, rail is a great option. But you can also move smaller shipments and still get a great deal. Our long term partnerships with our transport providers, means that we can find a rail freight option to suit your needs. Whether you have a high volume of freight, or a smaller shipment, our direct relationships give you more control and options to get your freight delivered safely on time.



We help you secure cost effective rail freight options
– no matter the size of your freight

  • Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane,
    Far North Queensland and Darwin
  • Bulk pallets
  • Full containers

Why rail freight is perfect for you

Rail freight is perfect for you if you have larger consignments and pallets that need to be delivered cross country. We recommend rail freight for those who want to deliver freight from:

  • Sydney to Perth, Perth to Sydney
  • Melbourne to Perth, Perth to Melbourne
  • Melbourne to Darwin, Darwin to Melbourne
  • Melbourne to Cairns, Cairns to Melbourne

Rail freight is the perfect service for those who aren’t delivering time-sensitive freight and, as an added bonus, rail freight is considerably more cost effective than road freight for high volume, long haul deliveries.

You can learn more about the different freight options available to your business in this article.

  • Large volumes across country
  • Cost-effective for freight from East Coast to West Coast
  • Great for sending larger consignments and pallets

Rail Freight FAQ’s

What products are shipped by rail?

Mostly pallets, crates and skids are transported by rail. As the items are loaded into a container, they need to be protected from movement whilst they make their journey to the destination.

Is rail freight cheaper than road freight?

It depends on the location and the amount of freight being transported but if you are transporting bulk pallets from Melbourne to Perth, generally rail can be more cost effective.

Benefits of rail freight

The benefits of rail freight include being a cost effective means to transport goods over large distances, for example from East to West or West to East. These locations mainly include Melbourne to Perth, Sydney to Perth or Perth to Melbourne or Perth to Sydney. Usually, rail freight does have a longer transit time than road, so it’s important to take this into consideration when using a rail provider or transport company that utilises the rail line.

Rail freight is usually less likely to be impacted by fuel surcharges. Also, as multiple rail containers can be put on the back of a train, there’s higher capacity for goods to move to the end destination at a lower cost.

Multiple items are suited to rail transport, these include automotive parts, paper, packaging, solar panels, food and dry goods and mining equipment.

Delivering simple freight solutions

  • Customer Service
  • KPI Reporting
  • IT Support
  • Online Services
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I have been working with EFS for nearly 3 years now and I have found their service to be first class. The professional, bright and happy team are always willing to help me out with requests or any inquiries that come up. I have full trust in my account manager whenever I book freight with them, I can confidently book consignments knowing that the team at EFS has my back for anything freight related.

Rhys O'Brien

Logistics Manager, Harvest Box