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Rail Freight

Delivering to major cities and regional and remote locations

We make choosing rail freight easy.

Because of our long-term, direct partnerships with our transport providers, we can get you great rail freight deals on both larger volumes of freight and smaller shipments.

Rail freight is perfect for you if your delivery isn’t time-sensitive and is more cost-effective than road freight.

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Benefits of managing rail freight with us include;

A variety of routes –

Sydney – Perth, Perth – Sydney

Melbourne – Perth, Perth – Melbourne

Melbourne – Darwin, Darwin – Melbourne

Melbourne – Cairns, cairns – Melbourne

Easy to use, intuitive technology

Cost effective solutions

Live support from our team based in Australia

KPI reporting

IT support

Easy to use, intuitive technology

We are highly responsive and will never, ever leave you hanging

We have strong Industry relationships built over two decades

We offer a streamlined and centralised freight process that saves you time and money – no more wasted hours or dollars

Call us to find out more about rail freight options.


Mostly pallets, crates and skids are transported by rail. As the items are loaded into a container, they need to be protected from movement whilst they make their journey to the destination.

It depends on the location and the amount of freight being transported but if you are transporting bulk pallets from Melbourne to Perth, generally rail can be more cost effective.

The benefits of rail freight include being a cost effective means to transport goods over large distances, for example from East to West or West to East. These locations mainly include Melbourne to Perth, Sydney to Perth or Perth to Melbourne or Perth to Sydney. Usually, rail freight does have a longer transit time than road, so it’s important to take this into consideration when using a rail provider or transport company that utilises the rail line.

Rail freight is usually less likely to be impacted by fuel surcharges. Also, as multiple rail containers can be put on the back of a train, there’s higher capacity for goods to move to the end destination at a lower cost.

Multiple items are suited to rail transport, these include automotive parts, paper, packaging, solar panels, food and dry goods and mining equipment.

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