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We asked, you answered: What you’re looking for in a freight provider


Last year, we interviewed a number of our clients and business owner contacts to find out what they think about freight and logistics and what types of challenges they are facing when it comes to parcels and deliveries.

The answers they came back with are helping us refine our services as freight consultants in 2024.

This is what we learned from our survey:


Key freight concerns for Australian businesses

When we asked our customers what their biggest concerns were in dealing with freight solutions, there were three standouts:

1. Delays

Easily the biggest concern for Australian businesses when it comes to freight is delays; with 61 per cent our of customers citing this as their biggest source of frustration.

2. Visibility of freight

Freight visibility, including real-time tracking, is the next big area of concern, coming in at 44 per cent. People want to know where their deliveries are at any given time and they want solid assurance of their arrival.

3. Cost

Not surprisingly, in the current climate, the cost of freight is on business owner’s minds. There have been huge fluctuations in the cost of fuel and deliveries since the start of the pandemic and it’s hard for business owners who aren’t familiar with the freight industry to know what represents a fair deal.

The business representatives we spoke with also worry about:

  • Damaged goods
  • Unexpected freight charges
  • Packaging challenges
  • Time-consuming processes
  • Poor customer service
  • Supply chain disruptions


Important factors for customers

Our research also asked our customers what factors influenced them when selecting a freight solution.

The top three were:

1. Reliability of freight

Customers expect their items to be shipped on time and in proper condition.

2. Cost-effectiveness

In line with major concerns, the cost-effectiveness of the service is a strong contributor to the customer’s choice of freight solutions.

3. Customer service

It’s all about having a point of contact and getting help when you need it.


How to solve freight problems

Our research also found that some business owners see a freight consultant as an additional cost rather than a cost saver. However, the clients who have worked with us for five years or more understand that we provide a network freight solution that consolidates freight options to meet their requirements.

Using our services is an easier and more cost-effective option than going directly to a carrier, and we are able to provide the added benefit of quality customer service.

While we can’t take responsibility for solving the problem of late deliveries ourselves, we can recommend the providers with the best track records for reliability. We also have the contacts to help our clients find the current status of freight or missing deliveries.

If you’re looking to find the best carriers and save on freight costs, we can help by providing:

  • A centralised solution with access to a broad range of carriers, tailored to your needs.
  • The right carrier for the route and the freight to deliver the best efficiency, reliability and cost savings.
  • Knowledge and expertise across the freight network, meaning your business can save money.
  • Online systems and processes are considered industry-leading, making your freight processes more seamless.

Our survey respondents also said EFS is a trusted partner that is responsive, reliable, and easy to deal with. They recognise that customer care is our superpower and are happy to recommend us because of this fact.


Looking for better outcomes for your goods in transit during 2024?

 Now that we have a clear understanding of our clients’ key challenges, we’re on a mission to help overcome them. We are also communicating with the freight providers in our network about what their clients expect to see more of so they can improve in the most important areas as well.


To find out which solutions will reduce your freight headaches, contact Effective Freight Solutions today!

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