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Freight Options For Australian Businesses


Whether you are a wholesaler or a retailer, it’s likely that delivered goods now make up a significant portion of your services. 

For those who are new to shipping products across the country or who have recently had a surge in demand, it can be difficult to determine which interstate freight services in Australia are best. 

Take a look at a breakdown of the different choices available: 

Road freight

Road freight, of course, takes your goods by road to their destination.  

Items can travel by car, van, truck or ‘road train’, depending on how much you have to send, how heavy your goods are and how far they have to go. 

The cost and speed of delivery will also depend on your requirements. Consumers who make a direct purchase from you will expect door-to-door delivery within a few days or even overnight. In this instance, you’ll need the services of an agile provider who can meet this need. 

For larger deliveries, you may be able to save money by filling a portion of a truck and sharing the cost of a full load with other businesses. Get help finding different interstate freight quotes before you commit to a particular provider. 


Rail freight

For interstate freight, heavier loads can be sent interstate by rail, however you are likely to still require road freight services to get items to their departure and arrival points. It can be a good idea to work with a provider who combines rail and road services. 

Sending large items or interstate pallet freight by rail may take longer than truck or air but can be more cost-effective. Rail transport solutions are available for a number of regional areas, not just capital cities so it’s worth checking if you can send your goods by rail.  


Air freight

A great deal of commercial air cargo travels in passenger flight planes, meaning it can be a fast way to deliver goods. 

Same day delivery is more than possible via air but it can be a more expensive option. There are also specialist providers who can move heavy, valuable or bulky goods by air.


Choosing a service provider

Between air, road and rail, there are a range of interstate freight service providers in Australia who can help with your shipping requirements. A few factors to consider include: 

    • Price; be sure to check out a few different interstate freight quotes
    • Speed of pick up and delivery
    • How easy the company is to deal with
    • The use of technology for booking and communication
    • Insurance for lost items and breakages
    • Who will take care of logistics 
    • Customer convenience
  • Who will be responsible for receiving the item (both B2B and B2C)

No matter what option you choose, your service should include tracking and delivery confirmation so you can rest assured that your goods won’t end up in the wrong hands.

From satchels to full truck-loads, EFS can help you to choose the right shipping method and provider. Take a look at our interstate freight services or contact us to find out more. 

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