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Can QR codes help your business? 


We are used to checking in and out of venues with QR codes now but have you thought about how this tool can help your business? 

The technology has been around for a long time but truth be told, many of us ignored it until the pandemic. Now, brands are realising how helpful these odd-looking graphics can be. 

A few ways to use QR codes include: 

To identify parcel contents

To share information about how to recycle the packaging

To share information with customers about your company

To share an opt-in or special offer, which you can use to improve customer loyalty

To share a link so the customer can share feedback about the ordering and delivery experience


This handy tool can be used in so many ways to make life easier for the parcel delivery team and encourage better engagement with your clients. 

Not sure how to create a code? Google ‘QR code Generator’ and a range of options will come up. 

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