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Easy Freight

Straightforward domestic logistics solutions for growing businesses

Easy. Efficient. Effective Solutions.

Time is money. And inefficient freight management can churn through both. Especially if your team is manually booking deliveries, comparing prices and chasing down deliveries.

It’s why we’ve designed our innovative, centralised system to be;

EASY to use,

EASY to track

EASY to manage

No matter how bespoke your requirements.

Never say Freight is all too hard again.

If you’re tired of

How hard it is to manage freight

Chasing up deliveries and shipments from different transport companies

Working with transport companies that don’t understand your unique business needs, goals and values

Staying up at night worrying about how you can keep your competitive edge

Experiencing zero accountability and zero care factor from your current providers

We get it...

Because effective freight management is a lot more than getting something from A to B.

It’s about your in-house processes, your customer experience and ultimately your bottom line. That’s why we’ve combined our decades of experience with an innovative approach to make your freight management easy – because no one wants to add more complexity to running a business.

Why settle for complex logistics and inflated rates?

EFS leverages our collective buying power to secure unbeatable rates
for you.

Ready to optimise your domestic freight with ease?

Get started with EFS today
Track your shipment

Check the delivery status of a shipment. Easy

Don't just take our word for it