How Air Freight Can Benefit Local Businesses

Do you have a domestic freight strategy for your Australian business? 

There is a range of options, which we shared in one of our recent articles. However, many business owners stick to road freight, without considering domestic air freight. 

Take a look at some of the reasons why choosing air as your domestic freight service may make sense. 


Fast delivery

These days, many customers expect the goods they order to be delivered within a matter of days, rather than weeks. 

If you are sending a high volume of goods, it can make sense to use planes for your domestic freight so you can get things where they need to go sooner.

Where trucks and trains may take days, sending goods via air can have them at their destination within hours. 


Plenty of destination options

If you’re in a capital city, you should have plenty of options for domestic freight services by air. 

QANTAS, as just one example, utilises the standard passenger flight schedule for freight. If the town you’re sending goods to has an airport, or if there is one nearby it’s likely you can send your goods via domestic air freight services. QANTAS also has road transport partners who will help your packages to reach their final destination. 


Flights are back in the air

After many months of closures, people are travelling again. This gives you more options for domestic freight shipping by air in Australia. You can investigate this method of shipping instead of sticking to road delivery. 


Increased security

Goods that travel by road have greater potential to be intercepted than items that are moved by air. In some cases, shipping via air may help to reduce the cost of insurance. 


Send large, fragile or emergency packages

Air freight can be ideal for smaller items, medical goods, refrigerated items or valuables. 

Major carriers train their teams to handle delicate items so you can have peace of mind about the domestic freight service you have chosen. 


Drawbacks of air freight

Of course, the cost of sending goods by air can be prohibitive, as it is more expensive than other forms of transport. 

There is a risk of goods being damaged but this is the case no matter what method of domestic freight shipping you use in Australia. 

Finally, your items may not be suitable for sending via air. Flammable materials, batteries and gasses may have to use an alternate method. 


How to send goods by air in Australia

Considering air transport as an option for domestic freight in Australia? You can obtain a domestic freight quote online but you may find it’s difficult to know exactly what you’ll get in return for your money and whether your quote provides good value for money. 

A better option may be to work with people that understand the ins and outs of domestic freight services in Australia and who can let you know whether your quote for shipping and the options presented to you make sense for your business. 

Want to know more about air freight and other domestic freight options in Australia? Contact EFS